Miscommunication in relationships is the real problem of the couples who are having trouble with one another. It would seem that this problem is very easy to address, the truth is, this is the most common problem and yet very hard to process.

What is the reason why this problem arises with the couple? This is the question that you have to take into consideration if you want to solve your communication problem in your relationship.

In trying to find out the possible answer, you must go back from the basics. You have to check and review once again your individual differences. You have to understand that you have different point of views in life.

Though you are united with LOVE, still you posses your own personal individuality. Acceptance of your differences will lead you to understand one another, and eventually will lead you to a good communication.

Easier said than done right? But you can give this a try. You have nothing to lose if you will go back again from the basics. Understanding one another is very important for the relationship.

You might be saying one thing and your partner might understand another thing. It is appropriate to make all things clear.

When your partner is tired from work don’t comfort him/her the way you want to. Like by giving a massage or asking him/her what s/he does for the day.

Why? Maybe s/he rather wants to simply have a cup of coffee, watch news and rest after a tiring day.

Don’t force your love ones to taste right away the food you prepare for dinner. Maybe your partner loses his appetite due to work pressures.

The thing is, don’t take this negatively, like; you are being taken for granted. If you are woman, usually you may observe that your man is like that.

When man is tired and pressured from work, he would rather seat in the sofa and watch news or his favorite soccer, basketball, or baseball team.

Some men would rather go directly in the dining table and eat right away without even talking. He just wants to fill his empty stomach.

This is very disappointing to every woman but you can’t do anything. This is how man reacts on this kind of situation. You cannot but accept and understand this kind of man’s behavior.

However, for a man, you will observe that your woman will nag at you when you react this way.

Why? Because she will feel that you don’t appreciate all the things she has done. But the truth is, man really appreciates all the things that you have done for him, but he is not that showy to express his gratitude.

Man is simply like that, generally speaking. But you are  a lucky girl if your man is very romantic and that he really shows you how much he appreciates all the things that you are doing for him.

And you are not that lucky if your man is really arrogant and that he really never cares whatever you prepare. It is therefore, a case to case basis.

The key is; it’s you yourself who knows your partner well. So, you must really try to know and understand your individual differences.

In order to avoid this relationship problem, you also have to take into account your partner’s body language. S/he might be telling one thing and you interpret it another thing.

When there is an argument, don’t insist your point of view if you really feel that s/he is not ready to give up his/her argument.

Give him/her a chance to realize him/herself. Be calm and be patient. One thing more my friend, I would like to let you know that sometimes, the root of miscommunication in relationships is PRIDE.

If you have misunderstandings with one another, all you have to do is to give him/her a time to be calm and then initiate once again the conversation. For an absence of dialogue eventually will prolong your misunderstanding.

Thus, it will be very hard for both of you to settle your miscommunication in relationships.

In a nutshell, if you want to avoid relationship problems, you must have a good communication, and it will only happen if you understand one another and therefore you will no more miscommunication in relationships.

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